Roberto Valenzuela's Indoor Lighting Masterclass

Watch the video to see how Roberto Valenzuela has organized this course to maximize your learning retention and his philosophy regarding portrait lighting. 


Roberto Valenzuela's Indoor Lighting Masterclass

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Learn How To Manipulate Natural Light for Portraiture

See for yourself how Roberto Valenzuela manipulates the objects in the room to convert them into light modifiers. See how much can be done to craft beautiful light with simple everyday objects.

Learn How To Create Mood & Craft Portrait Lighting With Flashes.

Observe Roberto Valenzuela use simple camera flashes to completely change the color and mood of the location and enhance the existing light.  

Learn How To Use Strobes To Create Impactful Photographs

Strobes can be quite intimidating, but they can be an amazing tool to create high-impact portraiture that really stands out.  Roberto Valenzuela makes it easy to learn how.